In the mood for love

Born 3 years ago, the workshop shelters an intimate and bright cocoon convenient for meetings and for creation.
Proposed as so many free figures, the dresses of the collection reveal an audacious and purified, fluid style.
They were create to be mixed, modulated, and to be adapted to the style and to the morphology of every future bride.
Cut, lines, materials and details, you are free to compose with us what corresponds to your absolute.
Every dress is designed and produced in our workshop.


At first was the model

The adventure starts by a first fitting of the prototype of your dress in cotton cloth which allows a first approach.
Lines and volumes become clearer.
The fitting in the chosen materials comes then.
Nothing is left at random, it is the moment instant) to refine and to choose the finishes, a veil, a waistcoat…
During the last fitting you tame your dress with us.
You are ready!